Chinable Business Scan

Your Compass towards Compliance in China

What does staying Chinable actually mean? “Checking whether your organization is still compliant to current legal and financial standards in China, while having a critical look at operational efficiency.” The Chinable Business Scan is your compass towards compliance in China. The Scan provides a holistic overview about all aspects of your Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) or Joint Venture (JV). Two main factors make compliance in China very challenging: the language and culture barriers within your company and the fast changing legal environment.

About your WFOE/JV
Do you know...
  • What kind of documents you signed in Chinese?
  • Who has access to the company chop? 
  • If your tax was filled properly? 
  • If all invoices have been send within your business scope? 
  • The regulatory landscape of your industry for the coming five years? 
About the market
Do you know...
  • About the increased scrutiny on corruption? 
  • About the stricter tax rules for foreign companies? 
  • About the rules & regulations on pricing? 
  • About the revised food & safety laws?
  • About the increased scrutiny on foreign company structures?

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