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Chengdu is located in the middle South West China. The city’s official status being the financial hub of the region. Chendgu is an important city for several major government initiatives such as the Go West Policy and the Belt and Road Initiative. It plays an influential role throughout the region. Chengdu is also known as the ‘Gateway into Western China’. Offering many opportunities for companies with an interest expanding to this part of China. In 2019 economy of Chengdu grew 8% compared to the national growth of 6.1%. This level of growth made it one of the fastest growing city economies across China. Furthermore, since 2019 Chengdu is categorized as a tier one city, which shows the economic significance of the city.

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Business in Chengdu: Do or Don’t

There are many cities in China on the brink of a development boom or in the middle of it. Chengdu is one of these cities. Considering our recent research into Tier 2 cities, we are seeing a growth...
healthcare sector in China

The Healthcare Sector in China

The healthcare sector in China is a vast industry with multiple subsectors growing at different rates, yet all are on an upward trajectory. The reasons for this are multiple, urbanization, an aging...
Value Chains in Chengdu

Value Chains in Chengdu: An Economic Protection Strategy

Due to the continued pressure facing China’s business environment, the country now needs to ensure that it has a stronger immunity to external pressures. Here, we will...
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What happened in the year 1421?

From 1421 to 1423, during the Ming Dynasty of China under Emperor Zhu Di (朱棣) the fleets of Admiral Zheng He (鄭和), commanded by the Chinese captains, discovered Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Antarctica, the Northeast Passage; and circumnavigated Greenland.

Due to this endeavour we can conclude that “1421 is the year that the Chinese discover the world”.