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Having challenges getting your operations in China controlled?
We offer Interim Management Services in China, and can support your operations.

Managing your business in China can be a challenge. You need the right people, the right focus and the right steps to achieve your goals. At the same time, knowledge and experience about the Chinese culture has no shortcut. You need time, effort, and passion for China to build this expertise.

Experienced western managers in China are scarce. We believe they can build a great bridge between East and West, to help companies become more successful in their business. Their expertise in Management, Finances, HR and Marketing is a valuable asset for businesses to achieve their goals in China. With our Interim Management Services in China, 1421 can support you in fulfilling these achievements.

With our Interim Management Services in China we can offer you support in Businesses Management, Marketing, Finance & HR


Building a company in China requires local presence. Distance makes it difficult to keep a grip on the strategic direction and growth of your local Chinese company. At the same time, your sales and marketing might not be performing optimally, and business development could use the right push. Our local managers, through years of management experience in China, are able to effectively manage your local staff to make sure your business runs smoothly.


From small businesses to single entrepreneurs to any great brands in this world, growth is a goal that all companies have. Marketing is one of the major building blocks to help reach your goals more efficiently. Based on your needs and specifications, our experts can support you truly build your brand!


Making sure you have the right finances in place requires a diligent finance team. Having your business in China means you need to be able to rely on the finances of the company. We help you manage your finances securely and accurately. Our team of financial experts will create the right frequent reports, so you stay in control. Despite the distance.


People are the basis of your organization. And at the same time people management in China is not the same as in western countries. Our local managers are experienced in balancing the Chinese values and regulations with the western to ensure the best path forward is chosen.

We offer 3 degrees of Interim Management Services in China

1. Eyes & Ears

Once a week the manager will work dedicated in your Chinese office, to locally support teams at the office. The manager will hold one by one meetings with key staff and create standard reporting to your headquarters abroad.

2. Control

Three days a week, the manager will work dedicated in the Chinese office of your company. The manager will be operationally involved in different aspects of the business.

3. Full Service

The manager will work dedicated for your company, making sure your goals are met. The manager will take the responsibility of running a successful organization related to targets set by you.

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About 1421 Consulting Group

1421 Consulting Group is specialized in supporting Western companies setting up and growing their business in China. Via our one-stop service model, we are able to balance the initial investment needed to discover opportunities and open the Chinese market with expected returns of investment. We use our strong knowledge and network for assisting companies in China. The combination of our Western colleagues with vast experience in China, and our Chinese colleagues with strong understanding of the Western needs and desires, makes us able to assist you in the best possible way.