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Finance Team

The finance team helps you to set up the backbone of your company. By managing all your administration, tax and finance obligations, you can comfortably focus on your specific expertise.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is experienced in developing business in China. Trained to target a market strategically, these professionals help to achieve set targets.

Project Team

The project team is trained to create practical and easy overviews of complicated markets and playing fields. They assist you in preparing into great detail before visiting China.

Support Team

Quality is in details, which is provided by our support team. Travel arrangements, hotel bookings, Visa arrangements and transportation; A few examples of the many tasks they assist you with.

Key Contacts

What happened in the year 1421?

From 1421 to 1423, during the Ming Dynasty of China under Emperor Zhu Di (朱棣) the fleets of Admiral Zheng He (鄭和), commanded by the Chinese captains, discovered Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Antarctica, the Northeast Passage; and circumnavigated Greenland.

Due to this endeavour we can conclude that “1421 is the year that the Chinese discover the world”.