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Peter Pronk


Peter Pronk


When our founder Peter Pronk visited China for the first time in 1995 he immediately fell in love with China and the Chinese people. he became inspired by China’s fascinating history and fast growth and decided to become a part of it. Visiting China many times between 1998 and 2005 as a volunteer for one of the Dutch adoption agencies. Later, he worked as a Business Development Consultant and explored the wind energy market in China in order to find a partner for a Dutch wind turbine manufacturer. Both the Dutch and the Chinese company asked Peter to move to China in order to run the marketing and sales JV and be the board member of the operational joint ventures.

This experience gave him insight and lesson doing business in China. While doing this job he acquired a lot of knowledge and learned many lessons about how to do business in China successfully, especially with state-owned companies.

He learned and experienced what the (cultural) differences between the West and China are. The Chinese view on the economy, the negotiation process, patience, short and long term visions, technology, management skills etc. is different from the Western view which makes it very difficult for Western companies to survive in China. On top of that China developed a social economic system and continued to grow economically at very high speed. The West cannot keep up with this fast economic growth. This enabled Chinese (state-owned) companies to sail the world and draw lessons from other countries’ economies. At the same time the Western world was dealing with the war on terror, economic recession and slow decision processes and therefore continued to lose economic strength.

This and his interest in and passion for studying China’s history inspired Peter to found 1421 Consulting Group. He and his dedicated team of local and international colleagues assist both Chinese and Western companies in doing business together.


Peter Pronk Interview Regarding 1421 Consulting and Chinese Culture

In this video you will see a revealing interview with Peter Pronk. He explains the origin story of how he came to be in Beijing and also how 1421 Consulting Group was started. Peter then gives very valuable tips for doing business in China.


Peter Pronk giving a presentation at BarCamp

In this video you see a brief clip from Peter’s last presentation at the BarCamp conference in Beijing. BarCamp is an international, user-generated conference featuring short presentations, open discussions and demos by people from a diverse range of industries, backgrounds and walks of life. BarCamp Beijing caters to a network of start-ups, designers and techies, bringing to life cutting-edge ideas from the community.


Workshops & Presentations


Be invited to witness the surprising presentation to share on doing business between two very different cultures. During this presentation he encourages his audience to interact . Peter makes any presentation worthwhile for the audience. To explain how to greet, how to drink nor what to do with your guest’s business card is not that important anymore. What Peter does explain is how to remain calm, how to see the important signs, how to discuss and negotiate and most importantly why your guest is behaving the way that he or she is behaving.

Somebody once stated that it is impossible for two countries to communicate if the two countries do not accept each other’s cultures. The main goal of Peter’s presentation is to change your view on doing business. In addition to that Peter also hopes to change your view on China.

Seminars and workshops

The presentations are interesting for entrepreneurs, investors, banks, governments, schools, universities etc! Please contact us at for bookings in China, for bookings in the Netherlands, please contact the Speaker’s Academy at

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What happened in the year 1421?

From 1421 to 1423, during the Ming Dynasty of China under Emperor Zhu Di (朱棣) the fleets of Admiral Zheng He (鄭和), commanded by the Chinese captains, discovered Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Antarctica, the Northeast Passage; and circumnavigated Greenland.

Due to this endeavour we can conclude that “1421 is the year that the Chinese discover the world”.