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The city of Shenzhen is above all a “new city”. It has rocked from a sleepy outpost across from Hong Kong to the 5th largest city in China in about 30 years. Shenzhen is also new in the industries that it attracts, and the globalized culture it supports. Many of China’s largest tech firms are located in Shenzhen, and as a “new city” only a fraction of a percentage of the people who live in Shenzhen where born there. It is a city built on economic convenience, with its free trade zones, special economic zones, proximity to Hong Kong, this is a city with a business centered culture.

While Shenzhen is the host to China’s largest tech firms, it also supports the world’s smallest. Shenzhen is famous for their “maker spaces”, which is where people come from all over there world to take advantage of the local hardware markets and tech community to set up workshops that build new and cutting-edge technology.

Shenzhen prides itself on its’ self-identified four main industries; high-tech, finance, logistics, and culture. It reflects these industries on in the special permissions and incentives that it offers companies and individuals who partake in them.

Pearl River Delta

Shenzhen is one of the three main anchor cities for China’s famous Peral River Delta, or, PRD. The PRD is essentially a megalopolis, which connects the manufacturing might of Mainland China, the financial and international services of Hong Kong and Macao. It is in this region where China’s “factory of the world” title comes from, and has received about 30% of all foreign investment into China since China first opened up in 1978.

Shenzhen’s role in the region has been incredibly dynamic since its’ first inception, originally it was a factory city producing hardware, and now the factories have been since moved to other PRD cities, and have been replaced with tech development. The PRD boasts incredibly tight supply chains, access to financial institutions, and product development. This is the fastest moving economic zone not only in China, but the entire world.


Our Office

1421 Consulting Group Shenzhen is located in the heart of Nanshan district, one of Shenzhen’s two central business districts. We assist foreign companies from a wide background take advantage of the opportunities that Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta offer. We will always make time to speak directly with those who are interested in Shenzhen, be it about hardware, software, expanding business from Hong Kong to the mainland, taking advantage of the FTZs, or anything else in the business and China world. Shenzhen excites us and its’ challenges inspire us.

Special Economic Zones

The Shenzhen Economic Zone is the largest and most successful economic zone in China. It also has the geographic advantage of being in the most economically successful province in China (Guangdong), having Yantian Container Port within its borders, and having direct connections via bridge and boat to Hong Kong.

Included in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is the Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone. If a company is set up in this zone, they are able to have their corporate income tax reduced, have access to duty free warehousing, and several government incentives and grants if qualified for.

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