Care for Chinese Elderly will Take Care of your Pension

by | October 14, 2013

Care for Chinese Elderly will Take Care of your Pension

by | October 14, 2013

The healthcare industry in China offers great opportunity for Western companies and Institutes. Chinese citizens are currently not only satisfied with economic growth alone. Therefore the Chinese government started to focus on improving the living standard in their latest five year plan.

Five year plan

The whole world comes to a halt during the American presidential elections, which is not weird considering the worldly importance of the American president.

Looking at the importance of the Chinese economy, the presentation of the Chinese five year plan could be regarded equally important. In this plan the focus for China over the coming years will be presented to the world.


For internationally focussed entrepreneurs with a focus on China this five year plan could well be critically important. This plan shows the possibilities in the Chinese market for the upcoming five years. Since March 2011, the start of the latest five year plan, the focus of the Chinese government shifted towards services instead of products.

Gradually China will target less on the labour intensive production model which provided the exponential growth over the past years. Instead China will focus on national transportation, the leisure and hospitality industry and the healthcare industry. These markets will be supported with stimulus programmes from the government. All foreign companies with relevance in these industries will be encouraged to join on the Chinese market.


Especially in healthcare The West has lot to offer. Ranked in the top 3 of best healthcare industry on many fields, the Western healthcare industry has even been an example of the much spoken about American Obama-care programme. Previously in China the grandparents, who lived with their children, took care of the grandchildren during the day, which solved day care and elderly care issues. However since the massive pull towards the cities, this form of natural care disappeared. Grandparents stay in rural areas where young families moved towards the cities. This given fact, combined with a rapidly aging population, created massive need for solutions in the healthcare industry.

That simple?

These upcoming issues are challenges most of the Western countries addressed many years ago. In cooperation with one of our customers; Nightingale Care (Ms Anne Marie Buch, 1421 developed a business model to organize the care for the elder care market in China. Not by aiming at the real-estate part of this program but by aiming at the soft skills by an Academy model for training basic care for the well-known “Ayi” and a franchise concept. The project is now in the phase of searching for an angel investor for further developing the project.

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Written by Michael Pronk

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