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Our European office is located in the Netherlands and supports the Chinese offices in Marketing and Sales. Our clients are located all over the world, and having offices in multiple times zones allows to be available for everyone, at times that are convenient. If you want to have a conversation about doing business in China at a time that suits you well, you can view our availability here.

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China Strategy

Developing a China strategy inspired by Sun Tzu

We would advise every company, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and corporate alike, to develop strategies for expansions into new markets. However, for China, strategy seems to be even more important....
Setting up a company in China

Setting up a Company in China: 8 Steps

People who consider registering a company in China are often conditioned to believe setting up a company is fast and straightforward around the world. Registering can be done online and is processed...

8 Facts and Figures about China; Mind-Blowing Numbers

Big, bigger, biggest. A phrase which has been most commonly linked to the United States. The biggest economy in the world is rapidly being outnumbered in every aspect by the former biggest economy...

What Is Fueling the E-commerce Boom in China?

Being one of the fastest expanding economies in the world, China’s growth is echoed in the online market. According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese consumers spent $750 billion...
Sino-French Trade

Sino-French trade relations: Looking beyond based on the present

In 2018 the bilateral trade between France and China reached an all-time high, with a year-on-year growth rate of 15.5%. In 2019 China was France's seventh largest export market and sixth largest...

How to Prepare Business Negotiations in China

It is important to prepare business negotiations in China. Chinese are strategists who see business as battle. Many Chinese businessmen and –women use the teachings of Sun Tzu for negotiating. In...

Chinese Special Economic Zones: How do they benefit your company?

Much has been said and written about Chinese Special Economic Zones (SEZs), including our own article about the Shenzhen Qianhai Special Economic Zone. However, what exactly sets SEZs apart from the...

Rising opportunities in Chinese Tier 2 cities

Since the economic reforms introduced in 1978, the Chinese economy has shown an impressive rate of growth. After Deng Xiaoping replaced Mao Zedong as the paramount leader, he broke with communist...
Cashless China

The March Towards a Cashless China

Although it is China who first introduced paper money to the world in the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty, cash is rapidly becoming a thing of the past in modern Chinese society. Whether it is...
Women's labor participation in China

Women’s labor participation in China

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. On Women’s day the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout history are honored....

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