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Our European office is located in the Netherlands and supports the Chinese offices in Marketing and Sales. Our clients are located all over the world, and having offices in multiple times zones allows to be available for everyone, at times that are convenient. If you want to have a conversation about doing business in China at a time that suits you well, you can view our availability here.

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Bike Sharing in China: What happened to the craze?

Bike sharing in China began after five members of Peking University’s cycling club had an idea based on their busy student lives; what if bike sharing could become dockless? While many western...

Does it Matter if Facebook can Lobby China?

Written by Adam Armytage If Mark Zucherberg can successfully lobby Chinese officials and re-launch Facebook in China, the real question is, can Facebook compete against Chinese competitor WeChat?...

Chinese Business License

The business license, together with the company chops, is one of the most important documents any company in China possesses. Every company has a business license, from local Chinese companies to...
Setting up a company in China

Setting up a Company in China: 8 Steps

People who consider registering a company in China are often conditioned to believe setting up a company is fast and straightforward around the world. Registering can be done online and is processed...
Virtual Reality in China

Virtual Reality in China

Virtual reality in China, and the entire world, did not experience the meteoric rise so many people predicted. It is not the way the majority, or even a significant minority consume media… yet....

What are Free Trade Zones in China?

To stimulate certain areas and industries, the Chinese government has often engaged in economic policy experimentation in order to promote rapid economic development through the loosening of...
China's Healthcare System

The Coronavirus: Driver of Change in China’s Healthcare System

The outbreak of COVID-19 has sent a shock to many healthcare systems around the world as they prepare to respond to the most impactful public health emergency of our time. The coronavirus has tested...
Electric vehicles in China

Electric Vehicles in China: Market Disrupter, or Over-Subsidized Fad?

What is an electric vehicle, and why is China leading the market? Electric vehicles, in this context, are not limited to an electric car. While they are the largest market by revenue, and will have...
Cashless China

The March Towards a Cashless China

Although it is China who first introduced paper money to the world in the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty, cash is rapidly becoming a thing of the past in modern Chinese society. Whether it is...

WFOE: Necessary Evil or Vibrant Opportunity?

WFOE, or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, is the most used entity in China by foreigners. If large foreign companies do not collaborate with a local company, they have this structure for their...

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