WFOE Cancellation:
8 Steps

Closing a company is not always easy and the reasons for the closure are often different. It is key to follow all deregistration steps and cancel your WFOE correctly. Otherwise you might face future restrictions in China.
This white paper introduces the most important steps to deregister and cancel a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE)

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WFOE Cancellation China

Importance of WFOE Deregistration

Following the process for deregistration of a WFOE in China is very important. The Chinese government imposes severe punishments on the investors and stakeholders if the company is not de-registered based on the legal procedures.   If you fail to properly cancel your company in China, the names of the people involved will be placed on a blacklist. Being on the blacklist means that you are not allowed to carry out further business in China, or you may even not be able to enter – or leave – China.  

Authorities involved in
WFOE Cancellation

Industrial and Commercial Bureau


Foreign Trade and Economic Commission

Tax Bureau

Customs Office

Authorities involved in
WFOE Cancellation

Customs Office

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