General Manager Shenzhen

by | January 3, 2018

General Manager Shenzhen

by | January 3, 2018

ABOUT 1421

In the year 1421, China discovered the world. During the Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Di (朱棣) commanded the fleets of Admiral Zheng He (鄭和) to conquer the world. Within two years they discovered Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Antarctica, the Northeast Passage and circumnavigated Greenland. Through this journey the Chinese conquered the world on paper, because they requested all kings, warlords and tribes to submit to the emperor by signing a piece of paper. They did not wage a war, request taxes or enslave people. This striking difference is at the heart of explaining the difference between the West and China.

1421 Consulting Group is founded by Peter Pronk in 2011 and is aimed at bridging the gap between Western and Chinese partners. We guide Western businesses starting or staying in China with strategic consulting and local operational services (such as: business consultancy, market entry studies, legal support, administration, company registration, quality control services, etc.). Why?

Because China excites us, guiding Western companies drives us and the challenges of it all inspires us.


Located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, close to the financial hub Hong Kong is the bustling city of Shenzhen (Shekou). In the past three years our office here has grown to a strong and independent company and is now looking for a new leader to help the business grow to the next phase. The team currently consists of a Chinese staff of three who have varying responsibilities and experience. The office is supported by the team in Beijing and The Netherlands with all aspects of the business (Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Management). Our Shenzhen team is growing rapidly and we expect to increase the team in no time.


We prefer personal contact and building lasting relationships when working with our (potential) clients. We like to think in challenges, not problems and we always want to try and find a solution. We keep an open mind to our clients, our team, China and the world at large. We believe in the strengths of each individual and we always look for ways to combine those strengths to create an even better team. We enjoy working together and we have fun together. We are a family.


As General Manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of the business of the Shenzhen office. You are an entrepreneur, manager, leader and business developer all wrapped in one. In this function you will manage a variety of work, including (and definitely not limited to):

  • Helping clients with project work
  • Realising a constant flow of business development
  • Ensuring a financially healthy business
  • Managing the Chinese team
  • Generating content for marketing


The next General Manager will receive support with the day-to-day responsibilities, however it will be your company and you will shoulder the majority of the responsibilities. We are looking for someone with a sense of adventure (you will be living and working in a Chinese city), someone who likes to meet people (finding new clients is a daily job) and someone who is able to build strong relationships (you take good care of the clients).

You are open-minded, have affinity with marketing and definitely know your finances. You are a future entrepreneur.


  • 3-5 years relevant working experience (of which 2 years have to be outside of China after your graduation date, for work permit purposes);
  • At least a bachelor’s degree;
  • An adventurous and structured personality
  • Strong commercial and relationship skills
  • Ability to work with (many) different cultures
  • Aware of business finances
  • Affinity with marketing
  • Strong communicator
  • Speaking Mandarin is a plus
  • Available for at least 4 years


This function has a high degree of responsibility and as such we will determine the benefits for this function after the interview phase. Together we will try to find the best combination between your expectations, quality of living and the financial healthiness of the business. The starting date for this function is dependent on when we’ve found the best possible match, but no later than August 2018.


If you feel convinced this job is supposed to be yours, please send us:

  • Your motivation letter in English clearly describing your match to China, 1421 and the function
  • Your Resumé outlining your experience, education and responsibilities

All applications can be shared with Alexander Pronk before 01 February 2018


Phone: +31 6 1809 6813

Feel free to contact Alexander if you have any questions.

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