Peter Pronk 2014

by | January 7, 2014

Peter Pronk 2014

by | January 7, 2014

For the first time, Chairman Xi JinPing gave a New Year speech about plans and ideas for reform in 2014. In same respect, Mr. Peter Pronk will share his thoughts about the coming year and shed his thoughts on the prospects for foreign businesses in China.

Will 2014 be a good year for foreign enterprises doing business in China?

It will be a challenging year, because foreign companies have to be more careful about how to do business in China and should not take everything for granted. Some of the  western companies that are coming to China tend to have “a big mouth”. They have a lot of complains and want to change China so doing business in China becomes easier for them.  We advise Foreign companies not do that; Be patient and wait for China to change. If China is ready to change, the country will change one day. That is what I believe.

Will 2014 be a good year for 1421?

Yes, because foreign companies are facing more challenges so we have a lot opportunities to help them and to help them find the right way to do business in China. Besides this we should still keep searching for these companies. We proved it last year, but we have to prove it again this year. I think we will have a good year, I don’t know if we will have a year as good as last year, but we will grow this year.

The biggest advantage is what we call a “one stop shop” model, where in principle everybody who wants to do business in China can drop by and use what they need. They let 1421 help them to do business without inventing the figurative wheel themselves. Trying to find out everything on your own in China will lead to a lot of disappointments.  They do not know the way and they do not know the language. A lot of people think they can do everything on their own but I believe that with our help it will go faster and more efficient.

What do you hope personally this year will bring?

My goal is to have fun in life and have fun with the people we select and we work with, to grow and learn together. We have a right attitude because the customer always comes first.

I hope everybody will grow and learn whilst they have fun during the process, in both business and private life. There is no difference between the two. The reason I started this company is because of the fun I want to have and also to prove to myself and to other people that there is a need for assistance for people or company who want to do business in China.

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